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Immo'Touch has been voted by the FNAIM, the French national association of real estate professionals, as the leading multi-touch screen application for real estate.

This intuitive, user-friendly application is designed to your specific look and delivered as a turnkey system for easy implementation, at a competitive price.

At a time when real estate offices are seeing fewer and fewer visitors, due to growing use of the internet, Immo'Touch, the multi-touch and multi-user application for Microsoft® Surface®, helps reverse these trend and bring customers back to your agencies. By offering a unique multi-touch experience to engage your customers, you stand out from the competition and gain market share.

With this innovative property interface substantially transform your customer relationships. The user-friendly, engaging nature of the interaction draws your customers in, and involves them fully in their own search. Immo'Touch helps with the buying process, making your work of converting a prospect into a customer that much easier.

By offering ever more personalized service and advice, you will achieve the best possible satisfaction rates and win new customers.

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Groundbreaking new features

Interactive search engine

Moteur recherche interactif

Customer searches can be refined by entering specific criteria (type of property, price, surface area, locality, etc.) directly on the touch screen interface. The application is organized to face two ways: the realtor's side displaying the properties resulting from the search, and the customers' side, used to display their selection as well as the basket and trash.

Detailed properties description

Fiches détaillées

This feature enables your customers to find out more about your properties and view your offers in the form of detailed information sheets. Number of rooms, with detailed descriptions, photos, and geolocation of properties, enabling your customers to directly check nearby POIs.

Selection basket/trash

Sélection panier

An appealing, user-friendly way for one or more customers to select and find out about properties which interest them. To save their selection, your customers can email themselves directly from the touch screen unit. They can also create an email alert or go direct to your agency's website.

News and information

Fiches pratiques

The system includes a module dedicated to news, information and guidance for buyers. Experts views, interviews, reports, market trends, real estate guides, etc. All these can be viewed directly on the touch screen unit as videos, and have accompanying virtual booklets.

Information to go

Transfert USB

Your customers can take away information about their property search by transferring documents directly on to a USB stick, cell phone, and / or emailing them.

From off-the-shelf to made-to-measure: a wide range of other features (3D model of your properties, financial calculator, property administration, route calculation, videos, newsletters, etc.) can be developed on request!